Get Bail for Financially WeakIf you are the one who locked up and have no source to bail yourself out, need not to worry. You have an option to get rid of such a problem. You can post bail to get out of the jail to hold up your daily responsibilities.

Unfortunately, several people have a lack of money and less knowledge about bail, which make them more challenging to find the right solution. First of all, you should know the bail basics.

Understand The Basics Of Bail

According to the legal system, the accused is considered innocent until the guilt is proven. Following this presumption, it is ensured that all those charged with a crime can go about their daily lives while their case remains pending. Otherwise, the accused will sit in jail until proven innocent.

On the other side, it is also required that criminal could not get away. So, the government ensures that the accused don’t leave the town by collecting a certain amount of money or interest in the real property as collateral which is known as bail.

If the defendant shows up to his court hearing and follows the conditions of bail, he can get the bail amount back. In case, he doesn’t, the amount of bail can be revoked or forfeited. Even, the accused can be put in jail due to the remainder of his case.

What Amount Of Bail Is Set?

The bail amount is set by following the below factors:

  • Criminal record of the defendant
  • The serious crime
  • The likelihood that the accused will flee
  • Financial resources of the defendant

Once the bail is set, you have to pay the entire amount at any cost.

What If I Don’t Have Bail Amount?

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How To Get Bail When You Are Financially Weak