Bail BondThe answer to this question is more than just yes or no. The circumstances when you or your loved one is arrested, knowing accurately about the option to get out of the jail is likely to winning half of the battle. To avoid spending your days in jail or cell, posting bail is your only option.

When you are arrested, you can post bail on your own in several scenarios. First of all, you must know that the bail amount is set based on several factors during the hearing or arraignment that happens within 72 hours after you are arrested.

In What Condition You Can Bail Yourself?

In case, you are financially stable and can pay the entire bail amount at the time you are arrested then you can bail yourself and be the only cosigner. Remember, the bail amount can be vary depending on the nature of the crime. So, you have to offer the full amount on hand to get released.

When You Need To Hire The Bail Bondsman?

  • In case you don’t have enough cash to pay the bail amount
  • You don’t want to risk having your cash forfeited to the court.

In these two conditions hiring a bail bondsman is an excellent way to handle such a situation. Taking help of a bondsman can relieve the stress of paying a large amount of cash to get the defendant out of jail. Requirements to hire a bail bondsman:

  • Defendant’s Full Name & Date Of Birth
  • Jail Location
  • Bail Amount
  • Booking Number & Charges

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Can I Post A Bail For Myself?