Bail Bonds CompanyDo you want to get out of the jail but not able to make the bond? Are you looking for a trusted bail bondsman in Torrance? If yes, Creative Bail Bond is here to assist you. We are a leading bail bond company specializing in California and nationwide bonds. Whether you are behind the bars due to a criminal offense or have been proved guilty for theft or nuisance, rely on us to get you out of jail.

With around 15 years of experience, we are serving the defendants and their families with a reliable service. We know how it feels like when your closed one is inside the jail; therefore, we try our best to get them out by providing a bond.

What is Bail Bond & Who Pays It?

For those who are jailed or arrested, one of the easy ways of getting released is paying the bail amount or bond. The amount you need to pay is decided by the court depending on the crime committed. If a defendant can’t afford the bail amount, Creative Bail Bond is here to help.

Whether you are awaiting a trial or are already arrested, we get you out of jail by providing a bail bond in Torrance. No matter, the defendant shows up in the court or not, we promise that the bail amount will be paid.

Why Put A Trust On Us?

Being licensed bail bond agents in Torrance, we provide affordable bail bonds to inmates jailed in the LA County Jail in California. In most of the cases, we charge a nominal fee of 10% of the total bail amount you were asked to pay by the court. We try our best to make the bail bonds feasible and submit the bond for you in the shortest possible time to get you back home. We provide 24 hours and cheap bail bonds to all those you want to get released from the jail but can’t afford the bail.

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