Affordable Bail BondsAre you a looking for a bail bond company in Hollywood? If yes, Creative Bail Bond is your ultimate choice. We are your trusted bail bond agents that are proudly assisting the jail inmates in getting released by ensuring affordable bail bonds to those who can’t afford the bail amount. For the past 15 years, we are serving the inmates in LA County Jail. We specialize in providing California and nationwide bonds. Whatsoever be the reason behind you being jailed, we’ll get you out.

Your One-Stop Bail Bond Agents

No matter, you are arrested or waiting for a trial, we assist you and your family with a reliable bail bond in Hollywood. We have served hundreds of defendants with a bond and very well knows the stress of collecting the amount a court asked for.

All of our bail bondsmen are professionally trained and licensed to serve clients with a faster release and discrete service. We work with all courts and jails in California. With us, you can rest assured as we can get you out when no one else can. Our professionals have been writing bail bonds for over 15 years now.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to 24-hour bail bonds in Hollywood, Creative Bail Bond is the company you should go with. We are your local bail bond agents who are committed to making you financially stable enough to achieve a bail.

Depending on the bail amount decided by the court, we charge only 10% of the total amount as our fee. Being one of the experienced bail bond companies in Van Nuys, we try our best to make the bail bonds feasible for you along with submitting the bond as quick and fast as possible. We are here to get you out of jail.

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